Our Journal

The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurosurgery

It is the official publication of the society, which was founded in 1960 by a group of brilliant neurologists led by Prof. Dr. Youssef Helmy Geneina (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. Yahia Taher (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. Abbas Helmy Hassan (Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Othman Sorour (Professor and Head of Neurosurgery Department – Cairo University) and Prof. Dr. Salah Abdel Nabi (Cairo University) (Figure No. 7, 8). Then this was followed by an enlightening march, such as Ahmed Al-Banhawi (Professor and Head of the Neurosurgery Department – Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa (Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Omar Al-Jarem (Alexandria University), Prof. Dr. Osama Elwan (Cairo University), and Prof. Dr. Sayed El-Gendy (Egyptian Armed Forces) (Photo No. 9). Then the editorial board succeeded, including but not limited to: Prof. Dr. Samiha Abdel Moneim (Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Farouk Koura (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. Shaker Aref (Mansoura University), Prof. Dr. Farouk Talaat (Alexandrai University), Prof. Dr. Mervat Moustafa (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. Abdel-Latif Osman (Azhar University), and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Eltamawy (Cairo University).
The journal was published twice a year (January and July volumes), and its manuscripts were reviewed by esteemed professors from different universities in Egypt. Since 2016; the journal’s publisher “Springer-Nature” offered online open-access articles with the full text of the most recent domains in neurological diseases. The current editorial board members (EBMs) with their exceptional efforts have earned the journal an impact factor of 1.3 since July 2023 (Figure 10).

Current EBMs:

– Editor-in-Chief: Prof Dr. M. Ossama Abdulghani, (Ain Shams University)
– Honorary Editors-in-Chief: Mohammad S. Shehab, (Mansoura University), and Ayman Nassef, (Ain Shams University).
– Associate Editors: Ahmed M Abdelalim, (Cairo University); Khaled O Abdulghani, (Helwan University)
– Managing Editors: Reda Badry, (Assiut University), Mona S Kamel, (Ministry of Health), Amr Elsamman, (Cairo University), Imen Kacem, (Razi Hospital, Tunisia)