History of society

History of the establishment of the Egyptian Society for Neurological, Psychiatric, and Neurosurgery (ESNPN) and its headquarter:

ESNPN is a non-governmental society that was established in 1955 and is registered under No. (366). It is affiliated with the Egyptian Medical Association, whose establishment dates back to April 1917 with the issuance of the Egyptian Medical Journal.
The foundation stone of the Egyptian Medical Association was laid on the land on which it is currently built (Dar El-Hekma) in September 1936, which is located at 42 Qasr Al-Ainy Street and has an area of 2154 m2, which was leased in 1932 for 99 years, with a nominal rent of one Egyptian pound per year. It is in the largest district for medicine in Egypt, next to Kasr Al-Ainy Teaching Hospital, Al-Manial University Hospital, Cairo University Faculty of Medicine, the Children’s Hospital in Al-Munira (Abu Al-Rish), and the research institutes for Tropical Medicine, Nutrition Institute and Cancer Institute and also nearby Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

History of conferences held by ESNPN:

Since its inception, the society has held many prestigious scientific events that hosted numerous eminent figures in neuroscience from across the globe. It held the first and second International Conference on Epilepsy in 1976 and 1981 (Figure 1, 2), which were attended by many prominent international epileptologists at the time (Figure 3) and had a great impact on Egypt’s scientific leadership in this field. Also, it organized the Regional Conference on Cerebral Blood Vessels Disorders in the Arab League in 1983 and 1995.
Since 1999 under the presidency of Prof Shaker Aref (Mansoura University), the annual conference of the society has been called (Cairo International Neurology Conference ‘CNC’) and become numbered. The first conference kicked off in December of 1999, and the subsequent one was held in 2000, under the chairmanship of Prof Mohamed Montaser Ibrahim (Cairo University). The CNC has been held annually in February every year. In 2008; two annual CNC events were conducted, the first in February in Cairo and the second in June in Alexandria.
The ESNPN is a pioneer among the founding societies of the Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies (PAUNS), headquartered in Cairo in 1975. Egypt hosted its first conference (1975), the 6th PAUNS conference (1995), the 9th PAUNS conference (2003), the 10th PAUNS conference (2005), the 13th PAUNS conference (2013), and the 17th PAUNS conference (2020).

Social magazines:

The Society has published several social and cultural newsletters, most notably the ‘Social Bulletin’, which debuted in October 1991 (Figure 4-6). which was headed by Prof. Dr. Anwar Al-Atribi (Ain Shams University), the editorial secretary was Prof. Dr. Mohamed Eltamawy (Cairo University), and the editorial board was made up of Prof. Dr. El-Bahi Reda (Al-Azhar University), Prof. Dr. M. Ossama Abdel-Ghani (Ain Shams University), and Prof. Dr. Sherif Hamdy (Cairo University). As a result of this notion, “Al-Matraqa magazine” was established in 2012 and it included social, political, religious, economic, and sports essays and Caricatures in which several Egyptian neurologists took part. The articles were delivered through email; esnpn.magazine@yahoo.com

Presidents of the ESNPN since its inception:

Youssef Helmy Genena Cairo University 1955–1987
Abbas Helmy Hassan Ain Shams University
Yehia Tahir Mohammed Cairo University
Omar El-Garem Alexandria University
Mahmoud Mostafa Ain Shams University 1988–1989
Osama Hassan Olwan Cairo University 1988–1990
Mohammed Emad El-din Fadly Ain Shams University 1990–1991
Farouk Koura Cairo University 1991–1992
Mohammed Nagati Abd Elrahman Mansoura University 1992–1993
Sameeha Abd El Moneam Ain Shams University 1993–1994
Mohammed Ahmed El-Fatatry Alexandria University 1994–1995
Obsis Ibrahim Madkour Cairo University 1995–1996
Mahmoud Raafat kandel Assuit University 1996–1997
Abd El-Lattif Mossa Osman Azhar University 1997–1998
Shaker Arif Abdallah Mansoura University 1998–1999 (December 1 – 3 1999) first CNC
Mohammed Montaser Ibrahim Cairo University 2000
Mohammed Anwar Eletribi Ain Shams University 2001
Ashraf Zaitoun Zagazig University 2002
Mahmoud Allam Cairo University 2003
Farouk Talaat Alexandria University 2004
Saher Hashim Cairo University 2005
Saleh Atteya Mansoura University 2006
Nadia Hafez Alexandria University 2007
Samy El-Shazly Zagazig University 2008
Azza El-Mongi Mansoura University 2009
Mohammed Eltamawy Cairo University 2010
Hamdy Eltellawy Assuit University 2011
Yousry Elsenousy Tanta University 2012 deceased while presiding over society
Abdulla El Maamoun Sarhan Zagazig University 2012
M. Ossama Abdulghani Ain Shams University 2013
Mohammed S. Shehab Mansoura University 2014
Hassan Farweez Assuit University 2015
Sherif Hamdy Cairo University 2016
Yousria El Taweel Zagazig University 2017
Mahmoud Haroun Ain Shams University 2018
Hussein Mohammed Hussein Azhar University 2019
Maged Abdel-Naseer Cairo University 2020
Ashraf Abdou Alexandria University 2021
Ali Solieman Zagazig University 2022
Azza Abdelnasser Ain Shams University 2023