Board members

Formation of the board directors of ESNPN

It is made up of the Society’s former and current presidents, the current general secretariat, the assistant secretariat, and the treasurer, as well as the distinguished heads of departments from all Egyptian universities, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health and Population, police hospitals, and the army.
Former general secretariat and assistant secretariat: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Eltamawy (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. M. Ossama Abdel-Ghany (Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Shehab (Mansoura University), Prof. Dr. Maged Abdel-Naseer (Cairo University), and Prof. Dr. Hani Aref (Ain Shams University), Prof. Dr. Amal Tawfiq (Menia University), Prof. Dr. Abdullah El Maamoun Sarhan (Zagazig University), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Safwat Ibrahim (Azhar University), Prof. Dr. Nabil El-Agouz (Azhar University), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Gamal Azab (Mansoura University) and Prof. Dr. Eman Khader (Assiut University).
The former treasurers of the society were Prof. Dr. Anwar Al-Atribi (Ain Shams University) and Prof. Sherif Hamdy (Cairo University), who has borne a heavy burden for 13 years in advancing the financial position of the society, followed by Prof. Dr. Maged Abdel-Naseer (Cairo University) and Prof. Dr. Hani Aref (Ain Shams University).

Current Presidency:

Prof. Azza Abdelnaser


Prof. Adel Hassanein

Vice President

Prof. Ismail Ramadan

Vice President

Prof. Amal El-Motayam

Vice President

The current secretariat committee consists of:

The Secretary-General: Prof. Dr. Hani Aref (Ain Shams University)
The assistant secretaries: Prof. Dr. Hatem S. Shehata (Cairo University), Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Bassiouni (Ain Shams University) and Prof. Dr. Tarek Rajeh (Assiut University).
The current treasurer: Prof. Dr. Sayed Taj El-Din (Tanta University) who is bearing many responsibilities to support the society’s fund.
The treasurer every year presents the financial position of the Society before the “General Assembly” which is composed of all members as required by the society’s regulations, which are successively amended whenever necessary and sent for approval by the Egyptian Medical Association.

Honorary Presidents:

Prof. Abdullah Al-Mamoun Sarhan

Prof. Ahmed Talaat Al-Ghunaimi

Prof. Ali Suleiman

Prof. Amal Tawfiq Khafagy

Prof. Amira Zaki

Prof. Ashraf Abdou

Prof. Azza Abbas Helmy

Prof. Azza Al Mongy Mohamed

Prof. Farouk Qura

Prof. Farouk Talaat

Prof. Fathi Afify

Prof. Gharib Fawy

Prof. Hamdi Najeeb Al-Talawi

Prof. Hassan Frouyz

Prof. Hussein Morsi

Prof. Hussein Muhammad Hussain

Prof. Layla Al-Mosely

Prof. Maged Abdel Naseer

Prof. Mahmoud Allam

Prof. Mahmoud Haron

Prof. Mahmoud Raafat Qandil

Prof. Mervat Mostafa Mahmoud

Prof. Mohamed Anwar Al-Atribi

Prof. Mohamed El Bahy Reda

Prof. Mohamed Montaser Ibrahim

Prof. Mohamed Osama Abdel-Ghany

Prof. Mohamed Saad Shihab El-Din

Prof. Muhammad Othman Rabbie

Prof. Muhammad Suleiman

Prof. Nadia Hafez

Prof. Riyad Quwaidr

Prof. Saher Hashem

Prof. Samia Ashour

Prof. Samiha Abdel-Mona

Prof. Sherif Hamdy

Elected members:

Prof. Ahmed Abdel Qader Nemer

Prof. Azza Abbas Ghaly

Prof. Hassan Gad

Prof. Hazem Maarouf

Prof. Ibrahim Al-Minshawi

Prof. Khaled Salam

Prof. Magdy Aidarous

Prof. Manal Hafez

Prof. Mohamed Abdel Moneim

Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

Prof. Mohamed Negm

Prof. Nevin Al-Nahhas

Prof. Rasha El Qabbani

Prof. Rasha Hassan

Prof. Sally El Khouly

Prof. Sayed Sobhi